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[Unity] Assets Manager Pro

The ultimate tool to index, organize and search into your .unitypackage files !


- Setup a searchable list of all your packages

- Parse packages to display their version number, author, categories, path etc. All fields are searchable using regular expressions

- Automatically rename and/or organize packages into folders. Those folders are generated using the asset store categories

- Extract any unitypackage as a zip archive (even packages stated as corrupted in the Unity Editor)

- Quickly check assets inside a package. (Displays a list of file with their asset thumbnail)

- Quickly check the asset store page of any package

- Windows explorer right click menu shortcuts (for windows users only)

- List, index and parse all your unitypackages. Display their assets as a grid of thumbnails

- Search the index using regular expressions

- Extract any asset from any unitypackage

- Generate lists of packages

- PC and MAC support

- Tested with folders containing thousands of packages

- *NEW* Update Checker : let you automatically check for updates on your packages and open their download page on Unity for you !

- *NEW* A shortcut menu for Windows users let you check for updates by right clicking on any .unitypackage file

- *NEW* Blazing fast package extractor & reader !

- *NEW* 2 tabs to search on the Asset Store and keep an eye on new plugin releases !

- *NEW* CSV Exporter

- *NEW* Hierarchical folder view

- *NEW* Unity Editor plugin that list all your packages to import them easily without having Assets Manager open.

VERSION : 1.5.221 (2021) Now compatible with the new Asset Store update!

More info here : Website and manual

Search into your packages files and extract anything

Index your packages

Parse the content of unitypackages

See unity package description from the asset store

  • You will get the Assets Manager application. And a Unity plugin to access your packages directly from your unity editor.
  • Version1.5.221 (2021)


[Unity] Assets Manager Pro

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